Best 5 Power Bank in India Under 1000Rs – Pros & Cons

Are you often on the move and annoyed with your smartphone’s battery running out pretty quickly? Here we have come up with a solution to all your battery backup worries with our exclusive lineup of the Best Power Banks in India 2018, which will allow you to charge your mobile phone as and when you are in need. Not once nor twice, these power banks are fully capable of charging your smartphone at least 3 times when fully charged. So, all those of you who are facing such an issue may go through our comprehensive review on the latest power banks available on the Indian market to keep those smartphone battery issues at bay.

Why Should One Buy a Power Bank?

There are plenty of reasons as to why a person should opt to purchase a power bank. Below we are going to discuss a few of those motives so that you are able to distinguish why purchasing a power bank is important.

  • Power banks are really portable and help you charge up your phone or any other device anywhere you want.
  • Power banks not just help you but also your friends when they are facing battery drain-out issues.
  • Power banks store charge and could be used to charge or use any type of device which can be linked using USB data cables.
  • Power banks help you in getting the most out of your device even when you are visiting a remote place and provide you with ample power to help you capture all the finest moments.
  • Power banks, for those who love fashion, may also work as a fashion accessory much like your smartphone’s back cover or case as they are available in different colors.

Since, you must have now distinguished as to which distinct purpose of yours can a power bank solve, lets us move on the Best Power Banks on the market and select the one that would best cater to your requirements.

Top 5 Power Bank in India

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

  1. Power packed with lithium-polymer 10000mAH battery
  2. Offers a dual USB output to facilitate quick charging of 2 devices at once
  3. Well-suited for 9V/ 2A, 5V/2A, and 12V/1.5A smartphone charging
  4. The power Bank perceptively alters power output equal to 18W to supply efficient charging
  5. Comes with a sturdy Aluminium Alloy + CNC Edge design or frame
  6. Optimizes the charging efficacy and durability with the Lithium Polymer Battery
  7. Comes with a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty over defects

Ambrane PP-11 10000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

  1. Equipped with a long-lasting 10000mAh polymer battery for high-efficiency
  2. Comes with a battery that is safe, reliable, and durable in comparison to others
  3. Offers the dual USB output that allows you to charge 2 devices together
  4. Provides you with the flexibility of charging your power bank with Micro USB and Type C ports
  5. Really light in weight owing to the compact ultra-slim design for easy storage or hold
  6. Fully compatible every single type of smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers or headphones
  7. Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty over the production defects

Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH Lithium-Ion Power BankLenovo PA13000 13000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank

  1. Fully loaded with a powerful 13000mAH lithium-ion battery for multiple charging
  2. Provides the user with both portability and amazing ergonomic comfort
  3. Designed having top-class matte plastic exterior for good grip and durability
  4. Easily charges two devices at once with the dual USB output
  5. Offers a soft light, power light display, and a clear display
  6. Comes with a really high charging conversion rate for faster charge-up of devices
  7. Easily adapts to the required input charge of the device with intelligent power control chip

Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank

  1. Never allows your smartphone or tablets to run out of charge with 11000mAH battery
  2. Fits easily inside your pocket and your carry owing to the lightweight and compact design
  3. The compact design provides it a decent grip to dodge unintended drops
  4. Crafted out of top-class plastic for utmost durability and longer life
  5. Comprises of an LED light indicator to display the energy status of the battery
  6. The powerful 11000mAh battery allows you to charge your devices multiple times
  7. Comes with 3 USB 2.0 ports that would facilitate multiple device charging
  8. Comprises a flashlight that might be really handy when you are on the go

iBall PB10107 10000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

  1. A top-quality emergency power bank for charging your device anywhere
  2. Equipped with top-quality 10000mAh battery for longer charging support
  3. Comprises a digital LCD display that tells you about the status of the battery
  4. Intended pretty elegantly keeping both styles and comfort of the user in mind
  5. Allows the user to charge 2 devices in a single go with the Dual USB Output
  6. Offers an enormous 500 times and above battery lifecycle
  7. Truly compatible with smartphones, portable speakers, tablets, and Bluetooth headsets
  8. Keeps your device safe from over voltage, over discharge, over current

How Can You Make the Most of Your Power Bank?

Below we have stated a few tips that you need to keep in mind for making your power bank a really handy tool:

Go for Quality

Anyone who wants to purchase a power bank should never ever make a decision depending on the price. The significant number to keep your eyes at is the milli-Ampere-Hour, or mAh rating, which is going to tell you about the capacity of the power bank’s battery. Fundamentally, the greater the number, the additional times you will be able to utilize your power bank to get your devices charges prior to getting the power bank recharged for further use.

Check Compatibility

After having the look at the battery capacity given in mAH, ensure that the power bank comes with a higher mAh rating in comparison to your phone’s battery. In case the mAH rating for the power bank is more than 2X your device battery, you are going to be capable of charging your device on multiple occasions.

Lasting Usage

Except when you’re using your power bank every single time you want to charge your device, you are solely going to get a couple of years’ worth usage afore it begins losing its effectiveness. You may make your power bank last for a longer time by spending on a greater capacity power bank to diminish the charging cycles, allowing your power bank get discharged completely previous to charging it every so often and ensure to utilize it at a normal temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot.

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